What is Case Management

If this is not something that you have ever had any dealings with previously then you might be a bit confused as to what is case management. Even those people who have heard of this service previously might be a bit confused as to what it can offer. For those who need this type of service it can be very important; it can mean the difference between living comfortably at home or needing to stay in a care facility. We will now not only look at what is case management but also at how this service can make a difference to people's life.

So what is Case Management?

The role of case management is to provide holistic help for those who need assistance from a number of different health and social services. This could be an individual who has spent a lot time in a health care facility or mental health institution. A return to the community for somebody who has been out of it for a while can be a huge move; it can be very stressful for the client and their family. In order to make things go a lot smoother there is a case manager assigned to make sure the whole process goes without a hitch. So to answer to question of what is case management the simplest answer would be to say that it involves one individual taking responsibility for lasing different services that the client needs.

Where there are lots of professionals trying to provide help it can get confusing; especially if there is not somebody looking at the big picture. A case manager is able to see the overall picture and will have a very close relationship with the client and fully understand their needs. This case manager will also be familiar with working with all these different services and will have a good relationship with these professionals. They will also be aware of all the requirements in regards to social welfare provisions and will generally work as an advocate for the client.

What is Case Management Useful For?

As well as the case manager being able to liaise with the other health professionals (to ensure they are working in harmony) they can also provide some other important functions.

  • The case manger does a full assessment of the client at the beginning of the relationship and will have a complete understanding of their requirements in regards to health and social care. There is unlikely to be any other professional who will have such an overview.
  • The case manager is able to carry out such things as risk assessments and provision of a care plan.
  • The case manger is often able to offer a lot of support to the family and the client – something that they might not be getting elsewhere.
  • The case manger is constantly monitoring all health and social support and will be able to move quickly if changes are needed.

When it comes to the question of "what is case management?" it would be fair to say that it includes a lot of important duties.

What is Case Management

Case Management:

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