What Does a Case Manager Do

If you have never had any dealings with this profession previously you may be wondering what does a case manager do. This is an understandable question and as there is no reason for you to know unless you or a family member needs such assistance. While most people probably don't know much about this profession it is one that can be vital to people's lives. If you have requirements that mean that you need to deal with multiple health professionals and social services you will be very glad to have a case manager in your corner. Hopefully by the end of this article you will have a much better understanding of what does a case manager do?

So What Does a Case Manager Do?

When it comes to describing the role of a case manager it would be fair to say that their responsibilities cover a wide range of activities. Basically though, their main function is to ensure that all the different services that a client needs are provided flawlessly. If different agencies and professionals are involved with a client it can get very confusing unless there is one person coordinating the whole thing. So to explain what does a case manager do we could say that they are a person who liaises and works to get the best care and assistance for a client.

The mission directive for a case manager is to offer a client-centred service that will make their life, and the life of their family, a lot easier. It could be said that the case manager uses a holistic viewpoint because they are looking at the big picture and not just focusing on any one problem in the client's life. Most other professionals in the client's life will have their own narrow focus (e.g. the physiotherapist is concerned with movement) but the case manager takes a much broader view.

What Does a Case Manager Do For You?

When it comes to answering the question of what does a case manager do for you it will very much depend on your needs. When you first meet a case manager they will conduct a full assessment to determine your overall requirements; this will be needed to get the ball rolling. The case manager will be constantly making further assessments throughout your relationship to ensure that the services and other provisions are always matching your current needs. In all cases the case manger will be your firmest advocate and biggest supporter.

As well as helping you the case worker will also be able to help the whole family. Taking care of somebody can be challenge without assistance and the case worker can provide help and even training. They will also be able to conduct a full risk assessment to ensure that your surroundings are safe.

Hopefully by now you will have a much clearer idea of what a case manager do does. This group of professionals provide an invaluable service that can really make a difference to people's lives.

What Does a Case Manager Do

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