Types of Medical Case Management

These days there are different types of medical case management available. Due to the increased demand for this type of service there has been many providers opening for business. Each of these services may offer slightly different options and thus you have the different types of medical case management. In order for you to be able to choose the most appropriate solution for your rehabilitation you will need to first consider your own requirements. You will also need to consider your geographical location as some case management services only cover certain parts of the country.

Commonalities Among the different Types of Case Management Services

Despite the fact that there are many different types of case management services available you will usually find that there are certain commonalities between them. These core elements of the case management service will include–

  • A coordination function that means the case manager is able to provide direction for the rest of the multidisciplinary team. This is something that is very welcome because a client can feel pulled in different directions as each professional tries to fulfil their own goals and priorities. Having a case manager on board usually means that the direction is determined more fully by the overall needs of the client.
  • The case manager is usually able to conduct different needs assessments to decide which of the available resources is best suited for the client. This ensures that the client is getting all those services they really do require without wasting time on things they don’t really need.
  • Most case management services will be able to offer support and guidance for the client and their families. They should also be able to provide information and act as a general trouble-shooter.

The Different Types of Case Management Services

Despite the fact that there can be many commonalities among the different types of case management services there will also be things that make their service unique.

  • Certain types of case management services will focus on one group of individual; for example children, those suffering from head injuries, people with long term disabilities, and those with mental health issues.
  • There are other services that focus on dealing with different clients; for example some case management services work a lot with employers and insurers while others deal almost exclusively with individuals with injuries.
  • Some case management companies will be able to offer additional services such as training or occupational therapy such as back to work coaching.

Which Types of Case Management Services Should You Choose?

Deciding on the most appropriate types of case management services can be a difficult choice; especially if there are many companies offering this in your local area. The best advice is to consider your own needs carefully and so how these companies can respond to these. There will also be personal preferences as well; some of us prefer the more personal touch of a small case management firm while others want to get assistance form one of the big companies.

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Types Of Medical Case Management

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